If you've read a Clinical Trial using a point-of-care device, there is a good chance we've been involved in the Study.  Our team brings a wealth of expertise in the delivery of diagnostic services within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

As part of the Woodley Equipment Group we benefit from over 30 years experience in the provision of complete diagnostic equipment solutions on a global basis. 




Our services begin at the Protocol drafting stage and continue through all of the phases of your Clinical Trial.

Sourcing the device from Blinded Diagnostics means that provisions for planning, forecasting, troubleshooting and technical support are included from the outset, regardless of Study size.



Careful control and collection of new drug therapy data can be achieved through the application of Point of Care Testing devices to produce encrypted test results on the same day, quiet often within minutes. 

We have thousands of clinical subject tests logged with devices we've supplied and have trained Health Care Professionals at Investigator Sites worldwide. 


We are delighted to announce

the creation of Woodley Trial Solutions

Over the past six months we’ve been working together on the integration of Blinded Diagnostics

and Woodley Equipment Company.
Today, we’re excited to reveal a new brand for both companies; Woodley Trial Solutions.
Woodley Trial Solutions is the new brand identity for the Clinical Trials Division of Woodley
Equipment Company including Blinded Diagnostics  As a specialist contract service, the continuity of our Point of Care Testing group is guaranteed and now further supported by an in-house team of Biomedical Scientists. Leading the global Point of
Care services are Steve Karuppan and Paul S. Savuto, the co-founders of Blinded Diagnostics Diagnostics. For more information please visit

Blinded Diagnostics is joining Woodley Equipment Company


Steve Karuppan CEO and Paul Savuto President of Blinded Diagnostics join the senior management team of the Woodley Equipment Company Group. With over 30 years’ experience in the provision of diagnostic equipment solutions, the creation of a new division to focus on Point Of Care Testing realizes new exciting opportunities for our team.

“We’re a perfect match of products and services… uniquely able to offer a wider range of diagnostic test options for our biopharmaceutical and CRO clients on a global basis”

Steve Karuppan, CEO of Blinded Diagnostics

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Blinded Diagnostics specialize in the supply and on-going support of Point of Care Diagnostic Test platforms designed to provided same day lab test results for Clinical Trials. As a pioneering Contract Service Organization, we have a successful track record of expertise in meeting the testing needs of large pharmaceutical companies.   From protocol design to Investigator training and firmware encryption, Blinded Diagnostics is at the forefront of a paradigm shift that brings flexibility and efficiency for trial sponsors.


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